Fresher who died of allergic reaction to chicken dish told restaurant about her allergies before eating

She suffered severe brain damage

A fresher who died after a meal at a burger restaurant told staff about her allergies before eating. 

Maths student Shahida Shahid died from severe brain damage on Monday after eating a chicken meal at Almost Famous in Manchester.

Now an inquest has revealed that the 18-year-old flagged up her allergies before eating – and they told her it was fine for her to eat.

Shahida Shahid collapsed on Friday from an allergic reaction

Shadida, a student at Manchester Uni, collapsed after dinner on Friday night.

She ate with friends at the restaurant at around 6.30pm but later suffered severe brain damage.

Det Insp Flint said: “We understand, although it is not entirely clear, that she indicated to waiting staff what her allergies were and what meal would be appropriate for her. She was advised that a particular chicken dish would be appropriate and that was ordered and consumed.”

He added: “It is understood the dish did contain or was cooked in one of the ingredients she was allergic to.”

Shadida began to feel ill shortly after her meal. When she realised she might be having an allergic reaction she used her inhaler and epi-pen.

But she still went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to A&E.

Shahida is reported to have had several allergies, including dairy and nuts.

Farjana Alam, a relative, initially posted on Sunday to Facebook saying: “Everyone please keep my cousin in your prayers.

“She is in the ICU, has gotten brain damage, and she isn’t being responsive. Every prayer counts.”

Sadly, on Monday she then said: “To God we belong and to God we return. My beautiful, brilliant, kind, loving cousin has passed away.

“Please everyone keep her in your prayers. I still cannot believe she’s gone and my heart aches with pain that she has left the world.

“May Allah grant her mercy and take her to the highest of Jannah. Everyone please pray for her and her family’s strength.”

Almost Famous – a popular restaurant in Manchester

Almost Famous Burgers said it would be “inappropriate to comment” while an investigation was underway. However, company director Marie Carter said: “We are absolutely devastated to hear the tragic news that this young lady has passed away.”