Anti-feminists scribble ‘Bra Burners’ across Feminist Reading Group poster

(They said the f word too)


Angry anti-feminists have defaced a Feminist Reading Group poster – scribbling “Fucking Bra Burners” across it. 

The violent message, scrawled in red pen, was first spotted on the poster in Mansfield Cooper last week.

The friendly flyer was ironically advertising an upcoming reading of “Feminism is for Everybody”.

Yep, thanks for the input

Clearly they don’t know the price of bras nowadays

The poster, which also read “Everybody very welcome!”, was advertising a group book reading on the 4th November in Ellen Wilkinson.

And now, the peaceful reading group, headed up by Camilla Mørk Røstvik, have been left shaken by the vandals’ actions.

Camilla has spoken out about the vandalism, calling the culprits “clueless, rude and absurd.”

Speaking exclusive to The Tab, she said:  “I am not so much concerned as amused. Braburning never really happened, swearing on a poster is clearly a sign of confused anger, and attacking the brilliant bell hooks is in itself absurd.

“Ladies, the opposition (symbolised by this comment) is clueless, rude and absurd – we have little to fear.

“I have since had support from the University’s Equality and Diversity Office AND Nancy Rothwell, both condemning sexism on campus.

“Thankfully no-one got hurt in this ridiculous attempt at silencing, but comments such as this is part of the extremely damaging sexism that populates our campuses. Nevertheless, the Feminist Reading Group has never had so many members and #braburners briefly trended on Twitter, so ultimately the joke is on the troll.”

Members of the Facebook group said they planned to “frame it” in order to prove that these sort of views are exactly why we need feminism. Camilla said: “I’m going to have the original framed today.”

One member complained that the scandal should reported to an equality committee. She said: “Does U of M have equalities committees, Camilla? I wound consider passing this on to one of those.”

The issue has since been passed on to the University’s Equality and Diversity Office.



Vagenda Magazine have since shared their disapproval at the vandalism, saying: “Nice work Manchester Uni, really cool.”

Students who saw the scrawls themselves were also less than impressed.

One student told The Tab: “It’s draining to think people still think feminism is about burning bras and hating men, it’s not the 1800s anymore.”

As one of the UK’s original hotspots for the suffragette movement, Manchester is a pretty bad place for this kind of scandal. Emmeline Pankhurst, leader of the British Suffragette movement, was actually born in Moss Side and her sister Christabel went to uni here to study law.

Luckily the group haven’t been deterred at all by the incident.