Blaze tears through Wellington Road house

Fallowfield student house went up in flames at 1am this morning

Anti-feminists scribble ‘Bra Burners’ across Feminist Reading Group poster

(They said the f word too)

Rogue inspectors knock on Fallowfield doors pretending to be insulation men

Police warn bogus council workers might be out to nick your laptops

Fashion celeb Hannah Louise Farrington’s guide to Manchester

In case you don’t know your way around yet

‘They took pleasure in hurting us’: Victims speak out about Victoria Park muggings

‘They ruined our lives for a couple of phones’

Warehouse Project bans MAN BAGS from Store Street venue

Sexist dress code has ‘nothing to do with drugs policy’

UoM Vice Chancellor racks up more in expenses than support staff earn in a year

Is this what our £9,000 is being spent on? While lecturers strike for fair pay, VC Nancy Rothwell claims over £35K in expenses

Manc student caught with CROSSBOW in Grosvenor Halls

Police called to Grosvenor Place after female student reported to be pointing the weapon at fellow students

Quizzy Lizzy: Uni Challenge heartthrob dishes the dirt

Captain charmer Liz Mitchell chats to The Tab

It’s a scam! Uni careers site advertises money laundering scheme

Student left baffled after being sent a cheque for £1550 when applying for a bogus job on CareersLink

GPs charging cash-strapped students 20 quid for mitigating circumstances letters

Manchester doctors are charging ridiculous fees so you can prove to uni that you’re actually ill

Manchester student cleared of rape charges

Police drop charges against student famously arrested last year

We did a fashion shoot with Lily Cole

As part of the launch of Lily Cole’s app Impossible, we met up for a Saturday morning stroll and took a few photos.

This “creepy” site is uploading your pics for people to drool over

Ratemash.com has uploaded 150,000 students’ Facebook profiles without their permission.

Spencer Matthews shags a student

Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews beds Birmingham student in steamy romp

Is this Britain’s bravest student?

Inspirational Manchester University student tells The Tab his story

Manchester United

Man Utd and Man City send their congratulations to record-breakers from Manchester University.