Exam marking boycott called off… for now

You’ll be able to graduate after all!

A threatened uni exam marking boycott has been called off, according to one of the main unions.

Three of the unions that took part in the strike campaigns

Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) held a vote to decide on whether the action should go ahead.

It’s certainly been the year of the strike, but now the members have voted to accept the 2% pay increase offered by unis across the country, after only 1% was offered originally.

 It’s certainly been the year of the strike

“UCU members overwhelmingly called for the end to the industrial dispute following the pay offer”, said a UCU spokesman.

News of the boycott was first reported by The Tab  back in October last year, after the first of several days of strike action by lecturers and support staff.

Workers were unhappy about receiving an effective 13% cut to their pays over the last five years.

Unite, Unison and UCU took part in strikes around campus

But it seems they have got the deal they were after for the time being.

So don’t panic – our exams and essays won’t just be chucked out into the skip after all.