Women beaten up outside Fallowfield Baa Bar

Thugs shatter females’ jaws and knock one unconscious

assault Attack baa bar Bar Fallowfield night saturday students thugs

A gang of lads savagely attacked five people outside Baa Bar in Fallowfield last weekend – including three women.

Baa Bar, in the heart of Fallowfield

Three women and two guys were getting into a taxi they’d ordered on Saturday night, when a group of young thugs asked to get in the same cab.

After they were refused, they threatened the group and started attacking the women, causing horrific injuries.

One was knocked unconscious, two had their jaws smashed in and one of their noses was shattered as well.

Their two male friends tried to step in, but they too were attacked, left with cuts and bruises.

baabar The famous “shooters”

Police are now searching for the yobs, who ran away after the assaults at around 3am.

They are thought to be two white and two black men, all in their 20s.

“Grown men attacking women with such violence and in such an unprovoked manner is a completely cowardly act”, said Detective Sergeant Gareth Davies of Greater Manchester Police.