How Manc are you?

You can get you out of Manchester, but can you get the Manchester out of you? Take our test to find out…

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The University of Manchester may seem like a collection of largely incompatible groups of people who have little to nothing in common.

However, whether you’re captain of the rugby team or playing World of Warcraft in your room alone, there are some inevitable parts of life at our uni that bind us all together.

So how much has Manchester got to you?  Do you barely know your Kebab King from your Abduls or do you bleed purple blood?

Find out how Man uni you really are in The Tab’s quiz:

How do you dress?

A) Bang on some short shorts and a vest/crop top. Today’s gonna be a scorcher

B) Just throw on what I pick up in the morning – my Mum bought it all anyway

C) Grab the thing I own that will put the most distance between me and frostbite

D) Wear anything that is aggressively patterned/ironically shit

Which of these descriptions fits you best?

A) Not particularly bothered how I look

B) Desperately want to appear not particularly bothered about how I look

C) Always wearing some form of sportswear

D) An ambassador of Nike Air Max trainers and nose piercings

Because you’re worth it?

What’s the best thing about leaving Manchester?

A) Finally finding somewhere that serves Indian food

B) The nightlife outside of Manchester is better

C) The amount of weirdos within the general public reduces by about 90%

D) Remembering that there are other weather types, like ‘sunny’

One of our many cl-ass nights out

Which of these people have you spoken to the most times in your life?

A) My academic adviser

B) My landlord/halls tutor

C) Magic Bus Lady

D) Paz

What do you think of drug culture?

A) It’s pathetic, I strongly dislike it

B) I understand why people do it, but it’s not really for me

C) I get involved on big nights

D) I am the Ketty Kat.

What best describes your music taste?

A) Rock and roll through and through

B) Anything in the charts really

C) Something a little bit indie

D) House.

How would you describe Man Met?

A) They live in the same city as us and are also university students – we’re pretty similar

B) It’s great having such an exciting rivalry with a competitive university

C) I don’t mind that it exists, I just don’t want to ever hear about it or its people

D) I wouldn’t describe it, I respect myself too much to waste my time like that

The number 1 entry on Urban Dictionary

So, how did you do? If you got:

Mostly As

Congratulations, you’re not a massive cliché! On the downside, you probably don’t have anything in common with anybody that you have met or will meet and you will thus die alone (or leave Manchester, it’s up to you).

Mostly Bs

People like you represent the diversity that this city needs – and desperately doesn’t want. Whether you’re striving to be a full on representative of the University of Manchester or not, everyone can tell that you haven’t quite got it. You have our sympathy; it’s hard being a B.

Mostly Cs

You’re one step away from full blown Manchester – just take those little bits of individuality that are holding you back, lock them up and throw the box into the Platt Fields pond. The flock is waiting, put on your edgiest woollen jumper and lose yourself forever.

Mostly Ds

You’ve made it. You aren’t just part of this city; this city is part of you. Throw you into Warehouse with some cheesy chips, Jack Frost and a baggy filled with anything white and only then do we see your true form. For better or worse, this is probably one of the few tests you will do well at in Manchester. You should be proud…ish.