Manchestar wars – auditions strike back

I auditioned for Star Wars and it turns out the force wasn’t with me.

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The Hollywood force came to Manchester  last weekend,  in search of two co-stars for the upcoming movies.

And despite having never seen one second of any Star Wars film, I confidently went down to try my luck.

But was it a case of stormtrooping to victory, or did they strike me back home?

Look how many there are – I’ve got no chance

After an early start, I arrived at Lancashire Cricket Ground to see what looked like a surprisingly short queue.

But when I’d stood in the same spot for well over an hour, I realised it was going to be a long day.

While I waited in the freezing cold, I bumped into a lad called Luke, who’d been there since half five in the morning.

He’d had a successful audition and bagged himself a callback.

Remember this face when the films come out

Call me a cheat, but I asked him for a few tips in case I got lucky.

“I had a two minute interview, then they asked me ‘if you could play any role in any film, what would it be’?, he said.

“Then they gave me a page of script from The Hunger Games and told me to come back later to perform it”.

I’m not sure how he got on – but if he ends up getting the role, remember I was the first to interview him.

These lads kept the crowd under control

As we got to the front, the moment arrived and we made our way into the audition tents.

At this point, I decided to take off my glasses, in a last ditch attempt to look less like a chemistry nerd and more like an intergalactic hero.

I walked up to the casting bloke, and within a second he said “Ok, straight to the left please, sir”.

So with my new hope, I walked  to the left, and there I saw the four letters that sealed my destiny…





She put my form ‘on file’ – probably means the bin

All that waiting, and I didn’t even get to show them my Yoda impression.

To add insult to injury, on my way out I noticed the queue was now pretty much empty.

Typical, I could have got a decent night’s sleep after all instead of rushing up so early.

What a wasted day; I woke up at 6am, stood for hours in the bitter cold, and had a bloke at the end show me the exit after a quick glance at my face.