Coke fizzles back

Student Union starts selling Coca-Cola again.

Have you ever noticed (or cared) that the SU doesn’t sell real Coca Cola?

Well until recently it didn’t, but now the ban on everyone’s favourite spirit mixer has been overturned by the union.

Union shoppers sadly missed out on fun games like this.

The union originally stopped selling it in 2007 because student voters weren’t happy with the Coke company’s actions in developing countries.

The business was accused of damaging farmers’ crops in India by using too much water at their factory, and stopping workers in Turkey from forming unions.

A slightly less known brand of coke made by Barr has been sold in the SU since the real deal was fizzled out.

But the agreement that stopped Coca Cola being sold expired in late October, and the union took the wise decision not to continue the ban.

If for some reason you prefer the Barr substitite, don’t panic – the union will kindly continue to sell this version alongside its more well-known cousin.

Your new go to for a Coca-Cola fix.

Other products produced by the Coca Cola company will also be available, including Fanta and Sprite.

The news couldn’t have been better timed, as the 2013 winter coke commercial has just been released – the crimbo season is now officially here.