The Tab Guide to Studying in the Library

Not quite got the knack of JRUL? Let us guide you.

exams gifs ihatemylife library revision students studying

Like that extra roll of fat round your waist, exam period has finally snuck up on us after we blundered our way through another semester.

With only a few weeks to go until the end of this miserable existence, the Tab have put together a helpful guide to studying in JRUL for those who are not yet acquainted with its unique charms. Welcome to hell.


Getting to the library:


Getting through the revolving doors:


Finding a computer on Blue 3:


First ten minutes of revision:


After ten minutes:


When someone asks how you are:


Going to the library cafe:


When people get competitive about their workload:


When someone offers you some Ritalin:


When everyone around you is working hard and you feel lazy and awkward:


After a whole day spent in the JRUL:

See you at the finish line!