The 10 types of students you’ll meet at your London uni halls

You may or may not hear ‘rahh where’s my baccy’ every 10 minutes

Living in halls in London as a student is quite a unique experience. Whether it’s flatcest, mice or arguments over the Dishmatic in the first week, everyone gets something different. But there are some universal types of people we will all come across, be it in our own flat or the halls as a whole.

Therefore, here is a list of the 10 types of students you’ll most definitely meet during your first year or during your London uni experience in general.

1. The Londoner

This student most likely has lived in London their whole life and moved out of their family home to gain the “uni experience.” They try to conceal the fact that they didn’t want to move out just yet, so they live thirty minutes away from their parents. This student is a handy flatmate when it comes to nights out as they definitely know the best places.

10 points if they tell everyone they’re from London, but really they live in Hertfordshire.

2. Surrey girly

The Surrey girly differs from the rest of your flatmates. She has high expectations for the living conditions, but will hotbox the kitchen with her glacier mint Juul and stain the carpet with her muddy Air Force Ones. She lives a lavish lifestyle back in her small Surrey town that consists of a Waitrose, actually only a Waitrose. She will gag at any unbranded food, especially from Lidl or Aldi.

Never feel bad about stealing her milk. She can handle it.

3. The boarding school boy

Out every night getting absolutely hammered. The next morning you’ll hear through the walls: “Daddy, can you transfer me £100 please? It’s an emergency.” The emergency is that he’s run out of ket.

You will never catch him wearing anything else than his ralphy shirt, chinos, loafers and a shoffel, unless he’s off to a rugby social. When he is out on a Wednesday night be aware that you won’t find him dressed in his usual attire, instead, he will be running around in a pair of short shorts and his ex’s bra trying to impress the boys.

4. The Northerner

New and overwhelmed, the Northerner moved out to London for uni to experience real city life. They then find themselves in a flat full of Southerners who shop at M&S and Waitrose. Usually gets complimented on their accent or asked, “are you from up North?”, after any interaction with Southerners.

This flatmate gives life to the flat and will mostly likely outdrink most of their flatmates on a night out. Great vibes.

5. The international student

There are two types of international student.

Type A: Not sociable and will rarely leave their room. Spends most of their time on call with their friends and family but most of the time they’re a really lovely person.

Type B: Extremely sociable, will be everywhere and anywhere dressed up in their designer fits. Holding a Macbook and a Starbucks Coffee, of course.

6. Club rat

This type of flatmate lives in the club. Will drag the whole flat out during freshers and just remain there, probably knows all the clubs in Mayfair and guarantee you free entry. Having debriefs with this flatmate is will be your core memory of living in halls as a London fresher as the stories you’ll hear from them are really niche.

On a night out with them you just stand there listening to their conversations with the bar staff and bouncers because obviously they are friends and you’re stuck there, but at least you get a free drink out of it and a lot of gossip. Who doesn’t like gossip?

7. The ghost

It’s almost as if this flatmate does not exist, you heard them multiple of times but never actual seen them nor spoke to them. But when you actually get to see them and in the rarest occasion speak to them the rest of your flat does not believe you. Forever a mystery.

What do they do everyday? When do they eat? We will never know.

8. The one everyone somehow knows

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As London is a big city with many unis in various loactions no one can know everyone. Especially when you don’t even know everyone on your own course. This flatmate however, has all sorts of connections. Even your mate’s flatmate’s brother in Southampton knows them, they’re everywhere.

Having this flatmate is a blessing as that’s how you’ll make friends. But you might find yourself in a mood when its 5am and they’ve run into their sixth “best friend” in the club.

9. The high maintenance studio gal

This girl claims she can’t tolerate living with other people because is allergic to bacteria and therefore has her own studio. She lived in the flat for a week and decided to get an upgrade as socialising with people is not her thing. Now she is living in her studio with her own rules and you are not allowed to visit. You run into her at 10am when you’re stumbling back from a night out and she’s dressed in full Lululemon for her morning pilates class. Secretly jealous.

10. The mess

The typical messy student who does not know how to clean up after themselves. At first you will fall into their trap as they’ll gaslight the whole GC saying it wasn’t them but their messy friend, eventually they’ll clean up. As soon as you start to notice there’s no “friend” you will feel stupid for believing them.

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