London clubs could be converted into temporary vaccination centres

I’ll have a VK with my vaccine please

The idea is being floated with the government that nightclubs may be used as the latest vaccination centres.

The #SaveNightClubs movement has suggested that some of London’s favourite venues are converted into vaccination stations.

Seriously though, imagine rocking up to Ministry for your AstraZeneca Vaccine instead of 3 Jaegar Bombs for £10 at Milkshake.

With the way the pandemic has been playing out, London nightclubs have been closed for what feels like years (it is actually approaching a year since they closed!). This has had a significant impact on the club workers and venues, who haven’t been able to open since March 2020.

The nightlife industry normally has a yearly income of £3bn, with 45000 employees, the vast majority of whom are around our age. Nightclubs and workers need financial support in order to survive through this. Save The Rave was created to support the nightlife industry, and some clubbing venues have received a grant from the Arts Council’s Culture Recovery Fund. However, for many other venues and workers, they have received little financial support throughout the pandemic.

But there is a potential opportunity for London clubs to open sooner than anticipated, although don’t expect to be going there to have a fun and messy night out!

#SaveNightclubs, a “coalition representing over one hundred nightclubs and thousands of staff” with the aim of obtaining financial support, eviction protection and a business rate relief extension from the government, have suggested opening clubbing venues in London as vaccination centres. This comes after the Pfizer/BioNTech and Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines have been approved and are being distributed to the public as we speak.

Now clubs might not be the first place you think of when considering a potential vaccination centre, but as mentioned in a recent TimeOut article, these nightclubs have “plenty of space, big fridges and multiple rooms”. The vaccines could be stored efficiently and distributed as quickly (but safely) as possible. This will also continue to make the government aware of the financial needs of the nightlife industry, and what support they require.

Whether this idea will go forward is unconfirmed at this point, but it does have the potential to be a good use of clubbing venues. At least we will be able to go to a club and not have to deal with sweaty rugby boys or getting alcohol spilt on us.

Imagine telling your kids you got your Covid vaccine in a club.