London Uni Tiktokkers

Meet these popular London Uni TikTokkers

Imagine being on campus in the background of one of these London Uni TikTokkers videos

We’ve all thought about making a break for it and leaping into TikTok fame, however, most of us lack the guts or the star quality to venture into the realms of TikTok fame. However, some students did and they have become the elite London Uni TikTokkers.

We spoke these 3 TikTokers after seeing them on the London Uni hashtag on TikTok and asked them about their experiences living in London and going viral.

All of them make different content that addresses London Life, uni life and UCL life and if you’re looking for new content makers for your TikTok page look no further!

Let’s meet Ivan, Dalia and Conale our London Uni TikTokkers.

Barcelona-born @ivansaco has previously posted videos documenting his move overseas to study London, where he has gained more than 60k views on some TikToks.

21-year-old @daliawainx has used TikTok to share her tips and tricks for London students, as well as speaking up about her Iraqi heritage and speaking out against discrimination towards asylum seekers.

@conale_ from Belfast has more than 200k likes on his TikTok profile and regularly posts about his experiences living and studying in London

What uni do you go to?

Ivan: I just transferred to UAL from UCL

Dalia: I go to UCL

Conale: UCL

What do you study?

Ivan: Public Relations

Dalia: I’m a 4th year Pharmacy student

Conale: Law

What made you start making TikToks?

Ivan: I was bored during lockdown and one of my friends really blew up so I wanted to try

Dalia: I opened a Tiktok account a while ago just to keep an eye on what my 12-year-old sister was posting and watching on there, and I remember laughing at her obsession with it. I only started making my own Tiktoks when I moved back home during lockdown to keep myself entertained, and I had to ask my little sister to show me how to use it! Initially I just made them for my friends to watch and have a laugh about student struggles during the pandemic but when one of my videos went viral I started posting regularly.

Conale: It started during a manic episode when I was at home over lockdown.

How long do you normally take to make a TikTok?

Ivan: Because I usually film throughout the day, it can take a bit of time. With editing, I would say 3 hours in total (ish)

Dalia: It really depends, for me the part that takes the longest is trying to come up with an original idea. If I want to make a mini educational video it can take me a few hours of research before finding the best information that I can condense into a 15-second clip.

Conale: It depends really. Some of them you’ll film over a full day, some of them you’ll film and upload in 5 minutes. With my sketch ones, it took about a week to come up with the sort of thing I was going to say for the specific character (essentially write a script) and then an hour to film and edit them.

What’s your favourite part of studying in London?

Ivan: The people, the opportunities you get and I love how there’s always an event or a new restaurant to check out

Dalia: The best part about London for me is the diversity, especially at UCL. I love that there are so many different perspectives, and I feel like I’ve learned more about the world in 3 years of living in London than I had in 18 years in the small town where I grew up.

Conale: Every day/week/month is different and the city has so much to offer you outside of your studies.

What’s your least favourite part of studying in London?

Ivan: It’s sometimes hard to make last-minute plans with friends because everyone is suuuper busy all the time

Dalia: The worst part about studying in London has to be the cost of everything, although in my opinion there are some opportunities that you wouldn’t get anywhere else which make working an extra shift definitely worth it.

Conale: Sometimes I think about how much I’ve spent on the tube and it really depresses me.

Tube TikTok

Do you think TikTok has opened you up to more unique opportunities in London?

Ivan: Not yet! I’ve only just started getting some followers from my last TikToks but hopefully soon.

Dalia: Tiktok has definitely opened up so many opportunities for me which I still can’t wrap my head around. I’ve had brand deals with huge companies, job offers, and have started to connect with much bigger Tiktok creators in London. I love that a lot of my followers are London students as well so I feel like I’ve got a little community going on and I can see people making friends in the comment section.

Conale: Not yet, but I’m manifesting.

Do you think living in London has helped you grow your TikTok account?

Ivan: For sure, all my videos are based in London and Americans love those kinds of videos so it’s definitely helped!

Dalia: Even though I wasn’t actually living in London when I started my account, I think because London is such an iconic city this was definitely a big factor for the interest in my videos. I had so many comments and messages from people who were applying to London unis asking me for my advice, or how to manage the cost of rent, or what my experience as a London student was like, and some of my most popular videos are my opinions on the best universities in London.

Conale: I’m from Belfast and a lot of my biggest TikToks have been sketches about archetypes of peoples that you’ll find in Northern Ireland a la ‘The Methody Girl’ and ‘The Culchie’. So while I wouldn’t say living in London has necessarily helped me grow mine, being region/location-specific definitely has the power to grow your account.

What do you want to use your platform for?

Ivan: I think it’s a good platform to get your head off things and enjoy some positivity and good vibes, so as long as people enjoy the vibe I’m happy

Dalia: At the moment I’m not sure what direction I want to take my platform in. Even though it was my student-life content that initially kickstarted my following, I’m really enjoying creating more thought-provoking videos at the moment. I feel as though younger people are more likely to get their news sources from their phones, so I think it’s important for social platforms to include educational content or at least prompts for users to do their own research. I’ve recently been creating a series based on debunking common misconceptions around refugees in the UK and I was surprised with how well it was received, which proved to me that a lot of younger users are interested in learning via social media.

Conale: Ending climate change and my own personal gain.

What’s your favourite bar/pub in London?

Ivan: The Churchill Arms in Notting Hill is my favourite pub, but I tend to go to White City House or 40 Greek Street for drinks way more often!

Dalia: One of my favourite bars is BYOC in Camden- you bring your own drink and they mix the craziest, unlimited cocktails with it!

Conale: It’s more of an event that happens at different venues but I would say Inferno.

These London Uni TikTokkers all produce their content alongside their studies. Do you think you could be the next famous UCL TikTokker?