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UCL officially removes statue of Phineas due to links to ‘racially prejudiced’ colonial policies

The UCL Students’ Union voted for the removal of the Phineas Maclino statue from Phineas bar

UCL has taken down a 120 year old mascot of a Scottish soldier after complaints about its rascist links.

A staple of the Phineas bar for many years, the statue of Phineas Maclino was brought to the University in 1900 to celebrate victory over the Boers during the Second Boer War.

However, after 120 years on campus- including its long stint in the corner of our student bar, the statue has been removed after bing branded as a symbol of imperialism and British colonial rule in South Africa.

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Executive members of the Union voted unanimously to remove the statue on Wednesday.

This action comes after UCL students demanded the removal of the Boer War mascot in November.