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Sports teams in talks to move venue after Loop changes management

Is this the end of an era?

At the start of this year Wednesday Sportsnite came under the management of Wicked Student Nights, with the new name Sin Bin. And if you've happened to talk to any avid loop goer recently, you've probably realised there's been a couple of teething problems.

With the new management came changes that many sports teams are unhappy about. Sports teams have claimed that the event is allowing too many people in and that too many queue jumps are being handed out.

UCL swimming showed their outrage in the Facebook event for this weeks sports night, entitled Storm Loop (they can't stop us all). The description for the event says: "Driven by their insatiable greed, they pack in hundreds more than the region can support, and have revoked privileges that prompted people to run for local governmental positions. Even the loyalty of the sports teams that form the very foundation of the area has been called into question after society after society has been handed unregulated queue jump cards."

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Loop goers enjoying the club for (maybe) their last time???

They then mention leaving Loop all together if this Wednesday shows no improvements. The event description says: "One final attempt to fight for our freedom, our democracy and of course our Sportsnite."

This seems to be the opinion of most sports teams, and it even prompted a meeting last night with the event manager for Sin Bin.

Talking about the meeting, one member of swimming said: "If it's not sorted then they have no excuse." In which case they agree that moving venue could be the best option.

We'll wait and see what happens this evening, and if Wicked Student Nights respond to the demands of the UCL sports teams. If not, it could be only a matter of time before students are heading to a new club on Wednesday night.