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UCL thrashes Kings in The Times Higher Education Rankings 2020

We ranked a whopping 21 places above Kings

This year’s University rankings are out and UCL have absolutely smashed it once again!

UCL is now ranked the 15TH best university in the world by the Times Higher Education Ranking.

Obviously, this is amazing news – but more importantly, we continue to be ranked leaps and bounds above KCL, which only managed to hit number 36 on the list. The notorious try-hards LSE also fell behind us in the rankings, coming in at a mediocre 27th.

Sadly we don't rank first out of all the London Universities, as Imperial managed to pull forward to 10th. But I guess we can allow that, given UCL students tend to actually have a good social life.

The only UK universities which ranked higher than those in London are Oxbridge, with Oxford clinching the top spot for the fourth year running, and Cambridge is a close 3rd.