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KOKO has closed and it’s a complete disaster

Farewell sweet prince, see you in 2020

KOKO, a legendary venue known for hosting notorious Friday club night Antics, has just shut its doors until Spring 2020 for major refurbishment. Naturally London students everywhere are fearing for their nightlife options – but it's not all bad news.

The closure is part of a £40 million program which will see the venue take over two neighbouring buildings, ending up with six performance areas, three restaurants, and a terrace, in total adding 20,000 square feet.

KOKO owner, Olly Bengough, told the Evening Standard: 'This isn't just about offering a music venue. In the Camden spirit of independence, auteurship and eccentricity, we want to offer an unrivaled experience.'

And don't worry – you'll still be able to mosh your heart out in the main auditorium! There are no plans to change it, so next year you can go back to partying until you drop in the iconic room underneath the disco ball.

And for those of us who find their Friday nights aimless without KOKO, fear not! Antics is moving to Electric Ballroom, only a short walk down the road so you can console yourself in this dark time.

KOKO's closure leaves us with many unanswered questions. Will there be more than two toilets after the refurbishment? Will Fridays still be Antics night? Where will the Freshers' night be held in September? These are the big questions of our age, and only time will tell…

So until then, KOKO, I wish you a sad and whole-hearted au revoir.