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UCL protesters place AirBnB advert for South Cloisters occupation

‘No sex allowed’

A group of UCL students have placed an AirBnB listing online for a "UCL Squat" in the space outside Provost Michael Arthur's office.

Listed as a "lovely central London squat," the advert invites interested parties to join the group in occupation of the space in support of the UCU pension strike.

What better way to "resist neoliberalisation of higher education" than with the group's "friendly company," the promise of a safe space for all, and (apparently) four baths. And to top it all off, unlike your university education, it's free!

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Until now, occupiers had been relying on tents.

That said, if you're a big fan of personal space, or used to living a life of luxury, it may not be the place for you since you're literally camping out in a UCL corridor. The group have also made it clear that there is no parking on the property – just in case anyone was wondering.

Protestors have been occupying UCL in support of the UCU strikes this week. On the first night of the occupation, 30 occupiers slept outside the Provost's office and stopped him from entering it.