Which power female is your star sign?

This is really important information

We all know the power is in the stars.

We all also know the power is in STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMEN who slay at life. But which power chick are you?

Frida Kahlo – Cancer

You are a true uncompromising version of the female form, and we adore that about you! But your real secret is the hatred of the bourgeois, you are 100% behind the Marxist cause and can often be found reading communist propaganda on your laptop instead of taking notes. Can I get a shout out for Jezza C?? You’d love nothing better than to see the revolution of the masses and take back what’s theirs, especially if you can take a quick snap for the gram along the way.

Mariah Carey – Aries

That feeling when you just cut off one of your exes and cut the side chick off too

That feeling when you just cut off one of your exes and cut the side chick off too

While on the outside you are a seemingly transparent OTT drama queen (please note: absolute royalty in witty smackdowns and scathing comebacks) you possess a lesser known pragmatic side. You know exactly which receipts to use and your timing is always impeccable. Hell hath no fury like an Aries scorned! They gonna need more than aloe vera to cover them burns…

Beyonce – Virgo

You are usually the go to mom friend™ and you’re always reminding your flatmates to eat their greens and take the stairs (lord forbid you set foot in another elevator – oops I’ve already said too much) but on the inside you are the pettiest of the petty, you will remember the exact time, location and the exact words of those who wronged you. You may not be like others and explode in their faces – you prefer a colder, long term approach – you gotta always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper.

Lana Del Rey – Gemini

Being a gemini, you are a girl of two personalities. One side is all fun and games, loves day drinking and wearing sun dresses with velvet chokers. The other has more daddy issues than one therapist could fix if a therapist could fix your daddy issues. Your secret is undeniably your addiction to the grunge “nobody understands me”. We don’t – but we’re trying.

Yoko Ono – Aquarius

When he cancels his plans to stay in with you, but you just arranged a girls' night

When he cancels his plans to stay in with you, but you just arranged a girls' night

You broke up your boyfriend's group of friends because he wasn’t giving you enough attention. What? That McCartney can’t have all the fun. You just wanted a night in to feminism & chill, but they just kept bringing over their guitars and playing “really good tunes”. You regret nothing.

Audrey Hepburn – Taurus

Despite being a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and literally devoting your life to tackling poverty and starvation, people just remember you as some artsy french girl smoking a cigarette staring at the moon in a tumblr gif. No matter how hard you try – even if you literally receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from the USA (Bush) you are still reduced to a 2D icon of materialistic beauty. The patriarchy, am I right??

Britney Spears – Sagittarius

Oops, you did it again. As a Sagittarius, you love a cheeky night out with the girls – god knows what you get up to at this point, we’re not sure if you do! But your secret isn’t your party girl antics, or the fact you wear extensions and promise your girls “it’s just the coconut oil!!” No, it’s the inner 2007 Britney always telling you to shave your head or break into a car with an umbrella. We’re not sure where she came from or what she wants, she’s your subconscious after all.

Emma Stone – Scorpio

You are a sneaky chameleon who always blends into her surroundings. Whether you are being heralded as a naughty but nice high schooler or dancing with a frankly overly moody musician, you fit in just right. But on the inside, you’re just an aspiring actress who doesn’t really care what happens to people around her as long as you land the main role. Don’t worry – it’s hard to worry about the haters when you’re flying on your private jet with Oprah interviewing you for your autobiography while you sip champagne your ex lover sent you as an apology for not texting you back once. You’re gonna find it real hard girl, trust me.

Taylor Momsen – Leo

When nobody understands you, or your grunge look

When nobody understands you, or your grunge look

You’ve changed. We don’t mean you’ve stopped wearing lip gloss, or that your eyeliner is sharper than Sweeney Todd’s knife. It could be that you’ve upstaged someone recently that’s given you a confidence boost? Or you found someone that finally knows the indie screamo band from Norway that you are addicted to? Whatever it is, it’s putting a bit of spring in your step, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Cardi B (Belcalis Almanzar) – Libra

You’re a hardworking boss who not only get results but doesn’t complain about the process either. Despite all this, you never really get the recognition you deserve and people keep bringing up your past, not that you’re ashamed but other people think you should be. Your secret is you are a instagram hoe and you love it, don’t let anyone stop ya girl.

Michelle Obama – Capricorn

What do you mean "President of the United States"???

What do you mean "President of the United States"???

It’s no secret that you are a hardworking, amazing lady with no time for orange cheeto puffs. Your real secret is that you are a deep romantic, once you find that one guy ready to change the conversation around race politics forever, you can mate for life. Except, make sure you decide on who wears the pants early on, I think you’ll find you are the popular one in the relationship.

Rihanna – Pisces

You’ll have a guy going crazy over you, then turn your head at the last minute and swerve that kiss. Then you’ll temporarily go back to your problematic ex just to remind yourself why you blocked his number in the first place. Then back we go to the soft boy like a ping pong ball, and the relationship will be good for a bit – before you realize the truth about yourself. You don’t need no man to get on with it! You just need to focus on something creative and you’ll dominate at it.