London students spend a whopping £400 in Freshers’ Week

Students splash more cash during Freshers’ Week than at any other time of the year

It's official: Freshers' Week hits our wallets hard.

London students fork out a staggering £394 on average during the week, according to a recent survey carried out by personalised clothing retailer, Banana Moon.

But UCL students can breathe a sigh of relief – London still came second to Edinburgh, where students spent roughly £426 over the course of Freshers' Week. It seems like it might be worth putting a padlock on your wallet, especially if you're planning to frequent every single club night on offer during Freshers'.

Everyone knows that Freshers' is the perfect opportunity to throw yourself into independent living and uni life – it's a heady mixture of new people, a new places, and as much alcohol as you can take. But the pressure to enjoy yourself has the potential to cause some dubious spending, as evidenced by the fact that 44% of students admitted to spending up to a third of the average student maintenance loan (that's £1,500) during Freshers' Week alone.

Furthermore, almost 36% of current students and recent graduates said that they felt pressured into spending more money than they could afford during the week, while 44% of students ranked money as one of their biggest concerns when starting university.

However, there's no need to stress yourself out and bankrupt yourself just to get the 'ultimate' Freshers' experience. If you pick your events carefully – and avoid buying too many rounds – you'll be able to navigate Freshers' smoothly, free from money worries whilst not feeling like you're having to miss out on things in order to save cash.