UCL’s BNOC of the year 2017: Round Three

The third and final chance to crown your champion

Check out the newest set of UCL BNOCs; the final round features some strong competition.

Taofeek Oyedele, Third Year, Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Taofeek knows how to bloody rave. He was the BNOC of Max Rayne in first year; one time, he hosted a party with his flatmates, passed out and had to be hospitalized. He’s currently doing his year abroad in America; fratboy!

Alys Robinson, Fourth Year, French

As President of UCLU Stage Crew, Alys gets a say in pretty much every Arts production put on by the union. She’s been heading the society since her return from a year abroad teaching English in France. From comedies to tragedies, dance to jazz, Alys has stage managed them all, so it’s safe to say she’s well known on campus. In previous years she’s also been heavily involved with other societies and to tie it all up, she lives in a UCLU power flat – with the president of UCLU Comedy Club!

Callum Stevens, Second Year, Economics

Callum is friends with everyone and is literally the nicest person in the world.

He has a soft exterior and a soft interior, but nothing is as soft as his love for James Blunt – coming back from a night out in the early hours, this guy would blast James Blunt in the afters. Also he’s a fully certified legend with a huge internship this summer, so even if he’s not the BNOC he’s definitely the BNOB (biggest name on bank).

Hyerin Park, Third Year, Law

HP is the Queen of Law: She’s Vice-President of the UCL Law Society and has bagged a hotshot graduate job with a prestigious law firm! Whether she’s busting out moves at Loop, on her knees chugging beer bongs, or pulling an all-nighter in the library, wherever HP goes, all eyes are on her.

True to her Korean roots, HP is an avid K-Pop fan and close friend of Psy. She can be found in the Gangnam Style music video wielding a tennis racket (at 0:56). However, she is too humble to flaunt her celebrity status around UCL. Now is the time for her to gain the stardom she deserves!