Student starts petition to save IOE bar from threatened closure

The petition was formed in response to rumours regarding the closure of The Institute Bar

UCL has recently been considering plans to close The Institute Bar at the Institute of Education, proposing to close down the bar as soon as the end of May, and move it into the cellar downstairs come September. UCL student Caitlin Law has started a petition campaigning for the bar to stay open.

This would cause a significant loss of student space, not to mention the fact that the outdoor space would no longer be accessible. Students state that it would be impossible to recreate the atmosphere of the bar elsewhere, especially not in a tiny cellar space.  The petition has been created to highlight to UCLU the unique community of students, academics and staff which the bar attracts, and to emphasise how greatly the bar is valued by its clientele.

Here’s what some of the academics and students who enjoy using the bar had to say about its possible closure:

‘I am shocked and appalled at the decision to close the bar…the IOE bar offers a cosy and friendly atmosphere, with reasonable prices and an unrivalled sense of community.’ Jessica Hayton (former worker at the bar and UCL student)

‘Where else in London can PGCE students and UCL academics rub shoulders…please, PLEASE don’t kill this amenity by forcing it into an unviable new location.’ Dr Daniel Kilburn, UCL CLIE (UCL Academic)

If you also want to help save The Institute Bar, sign the petition now and leave comments.