Forget what you know: Sports Night is the best night out

Let’s get Loopy!!

I’m not saying that Loop is the new XOYO. Its so-called ‘three floors of pure partying’, and ‘dedicated playground’ with all the ‘trimmings’, as Loop’s website describes it, is more like three floors of pure sweating, host to the Rugby boys’ prey-ground, with all the watered-down mixer you could ever ask for.

But, there must be a reason why it’s always packed to the clammy brim every single Wednesday night, with overly-eager freshers, seasoned second years, and still-on-the-sesh finalists.

There were 13 in the lift and the little one said: let’s go to Loop

It’s affordable

They may be served in those cringe-tastic red American style frat cups that we hate to love, but find me another club where you can get a double near Oxford Street for £3.50? And don’t even get me started on those lethal £8 pitchers. Once you’ve downed two of them you know it’s a one stop trip to either those podiums on the bottom floor, or the bottom floor of the toilets.

Plus a free cloakroom I hear you say? Yes, I know the queue may be longer than the line in each American airport after Trump’s inauguration, but can we please get a round of applause for something actually being free in London. And to top it all off, there’s even a free shuttle bus all the way there.

Cartwheeling in celebration of those drink prices

The music allows you to ‘unleash your inner Bieber’

It may have a light-up dance floor that looks like your year 6 disco, but surely we can agree that there is something for everyone when it comes to the music. RnB, hiphop, commercial house, chart-toppers, and golden oldies. You name it, Loop has it. It will forever be the place where you can unashamedly unleash your inner Bieber.

Loop: home to UCL Sports Night and photobombers

The staff are nice

For a central London club, there’s surprisingly not much you can’t get away with in Loop, (much more than can be said for its pretentious next door neighbour Libertine, where you can only get in if you’re donning heels, and an outfit that indicates you’re yet to discover that clothing exists outside the confines of Topshop).

I’m pretty sure that the only way you’re getting off the Loop dance floor is if you’re passed out. And even then, you’ll probably just be placed in the smoking area, until you regain consciousness to go and cut some more sweaty shapes.

The people make it one big UCL family

Another great thing about Loop is that no one cares. There’s absolutely no need as a girl to be ‘on fleek’, contoured up and ready to go, because literally no one cares. Some of the most outrageous costumes have been paraded around those floors; from mankinis, to babies, to beetles. Loop has seen it all. It’s like one big UCL family. I mean in what other club would you see everyone you know? And also see everyone you know proceed to get with everyone you know…

No caption needed for that outfit

The smoking strip; where we all end up

And for the icing on top of the cake: the beloved Loop smoking area. Hands up if you’ve ever spent the majority of your night out there. I mean how could you not? It’s like a never ending strangely comforting fenced-in strip leading the way to the Golden Arches.

So people, despite all of its clammy cringe, neon lights and questionably clad bar staff, we still keep going back there every week, because where else would you spend your humble Wednesday Sports Night?

Loop, I will miss you when I graduate.