An ode to living in King’s Cross

Why you should live around majestic King’s Cross

Moving from halls is a big step for everybody. For those currently house-hunting, you want to make a  smart decision about where your first apartment. You may already know who you want to live with, and King’s cross area is definitely some place you should consider.

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Who would miss home with this on the corner?


It might more expensive than a shitty Camden flat, but it is totally worth it when Uni is less than a 15-minute walk.  You don’t have to spend any money on transport as you will never have to use it! The hot and overcrowded tube is totally avoided for the daily commute. The best bit is that when you do want to take the tube somewhere, it’s the easiest thing ever. Kings Cross station has the Circle, Hammersmith and City, Metropolitan, Piccadilly, Northern and Victoria lines right on my doorstep.



You’re also close to the Brunswick – one of the most interesting buildings in London. An architecturally brutalist masterpiece with a shopping centre is understandably, very useful. Aside from Brunswick, there is a menagerie of other shops for you to spend your hard-earned student loan P on.


International travel

If you live near King’s Cross and St.Pancras, you can easily take the train wherever you want. Paris? Amsterdam? Just hop on a train and let’s go! You can occasionally find pseudo-John Lennon playing on the piano, or a plush 6m tall christmas tree. Truly the area for travellers.



When looking for a flat in London, you obviously want it to be safe. If you don’t want drug dealers and hookers on the corner, then Peckham or Camden might not be your place. If you want to feel safe, move to King’s cross. Although there was a study saying that King’s Cross station was the most dangerous, I’ve never experienced anything like that. It’s quiet and tidy, you’ll never feel unsafe.

The Hogwarts feel

Since King’s Cross, and consequently platform 9 3/4 is technically your neighbour, you can always just choose to transfer to Hogwarts when you’ve had enough of essays and deadlines.