A girl’s guide on what to wear tonight if you’re a boy

Guys, take notes

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for couples. The magical day you spend with your loved one, who you try to impress. So how should you show up for this special occasion, which is this important?

Many of you may think a suit is too much, but a pair of ripped jeans just won’t cut it. So how should one balance a laid back style and a romantic dinner? This is a guide on how your girl would love for your to come pic her up. I guarantee, she will love it, without you, feeling uncomfortable.

This Valentine’s day I was determined to find a common ground. I think we were quiet successful in a sense, that I could bargain a jacket and a shirt, but he was able to keep his favourite Air Jordan on.


Bence told me he was quite happy with the result of the styling, since he is not a suit-and-tie kind of guy, but a nice jacket gave an edge to the outfit.


12736610_468910566629729_1427115340_oJust remember, she loves you irrelevant of what you’re wearing, but she will definitely feel more special, if you made an effort to impress her.