Where’s the weirdest place you’ve had sex?

‘In my classroom’


Having sex in the bedroom just isn’t enough any more.

Simeon, ESPS, first year

Simeon Dimchev, ESPS, 1st year - "Rooftop"

“On a rooftop.”

Timea Orban, Politics and Eastern European Studies, second year

Timea Orban, Politics and Eastern European Studies, 2nd year - "Boat"

“On a boat.”

Antonio Candela, MRes Biosciences

Antonio Candela, Biosciences - "Toilet"

“In a toilet.”

Paul Timmers, MRes Biosciences

Paul Timmers, MRes Biosciences - "Parents' bedroom"

“In my parents’ bedroom.”

Aida Garcia, History of Art, third year

Aida Garcia, History of Art 3rd year - "Car in the woods"

“In a car in the woods.”

Andrew Komani, MSc EDE

Andrew Komani, MSc EDE -"School classroom"

“In my school classroom.”

Pablo Robles, Modern Languages, second year

Pablo Robles, Modern Languages 2nd year - "Balcony"

“On a balcony.”

Ben Peasley, Modern Languages, second year

Ben Peasley, Modern Languages, 2nd year - "Bedroom"

“In a bedroom.”

Nick Potter, Alumni Biomedical Sciences

Nick Potter, Alumni Biomedical Sciences-"Telephone box"

“In a telephone box.”