Dedicated followers of fashion: Modo @ The Roxx

UCL’s Fashion Society strut their stuff on the catwalk

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A couple of weeks ago, The Tab were invited to check out the MODO Fashion Show at Roxx Club, just off Oxford Street, and we were amazed at the production and talent that’s hidden amongst  our fellow UCLers. All inall, MODO organized one of the best uni nights of the year and all in aid of a great cause, The Red Light Campaign.

As we headed into Roxx Club (definitely a great new night out venue, think Roxy, only classier), we had the pleasure of meeting the manager Kamran and the MODO president, Emily. Together they had transformed Roxx into a catwalk dream. As soon as we walked into the club, we received cut gift bags from the team and their sponsors, and since the event coincided perfectly with London Fashion Week we were made to feel like Anna Wintour, albeit in a Tab t-shirt.

The club atmosphere was perfect for all the new designs that were about to be showcased and got everyone pumped, with lively music and a glass of champs in every hand.

The guys and girls,  models and designers alike, did not disappoint. Twenty-five collections were designed and modelled by UCL students, and each designer’s clothes walked down the catwalk to a different soundtrack. There was also a chance to see the exclusive House of Beth and Retro Mountain collections, with hand made designed items that encourage living responsibly and use sustainable fabrics.

Here’s what we saw….

Rhio Cory

Rhio Cory’s collection “Not Time” is a fun, swimsuit-style collection with bikinis and swimsuits featuring bold prints. These designs are not ones that you can wear out but the designs are bang on trend.

Amy Johns

The oriental designed skirt and dress were classy and had exceptional detailing!

Chloe Bracegirdle

Nikkita Punia

Zaza Oyofo

Natalya Pankevych

Natalya’s collection “midsummer romance” was elegant and used a mix of fabrics including lacy and floral designs.

Madeleine Parker

Madeleine Parker’s collection stood out for me and is a personal favourite. Definitely clothes designed for women who want to make an impression. The jewel-encrusted dress in the picture is an essential. Elegant and wearable designs.

Rhi Graves

Rhi Graves’ cute cropped jumper is really in season and perfect for the spring wardrobe.

Valerie Huang

What stood out in Valerie Huang’s collection was the mix of tie-dye fabrics in both the men’s and women’s collections. The look was edgy and incorporated Japanese-style fabrics in the jackets. Very spring/summer with the waistcoat trend in both collections.

Josie Oyinlola

Who doesn’t love the dots? This fun mix of fabrics together were brought to life in Josie Oyinlola’s collection “Cirque de Liberty”.

Aminah Ali

Aminah Ali’s “Spring Time FreeFall” collection included floral and floaty shirt designs. This Grecian-style dress with ruffled design and red tones at the hem made it a striking look.

Kate Nevin

Kate Nevin’s collection, “Bona Nochy” mixed creative detailing with a range of fabrics for her designs. The pieces that stood out for us the most were the “FLY” designs throughout. Other features of the collection included Angelic/Devilish detail.

Sharn Dancer

Sharm Dancer’s “Liberty” featured a range for both men and women. The liberty name was fitting as there was a large amount of experimentation including the feather print one-sided dress and a dotty waistcoat for the guys.

Joshua Toh

Joshua Toh’s “Undressed” collection was formed based on many layers (oh the irony). Kudos to Joshua’s designs as they were unique and out there with large headwear pieces and a mixture of silks.

The designers and models did a fantastic job, but the event could not have happened without Emily and the MODO committee. The event managed to raise over £3000 for the Red Light Campaign that aims to eradicate modern day slavery and trafficking, whilst bearing in mind sustainability. Well done girls and guys – we hope you keep designing and modelling so that we can come and support you again soon.

Last but not least, a huge thanks goes to Roxx for looking after us while we were there!