RUMS Women’s Hockey confident for victory in first ever medics Varsity

The first ever medics Varsity event will kick off with the Women’s Hockey fixture at 6pm on Monday March 10th.

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RUMS Women’s 1st XI will take on GKT Women’s 1st XI in the only medics event in the 2014 London Varsity Series.

RUMS Women’s 1sts are currently basking in a heady 2nd place in the BUCS South Eastern group 2B, peering down on the King’s medics from several places above them in the rankings.

With 2 wins for RUMS against GKT earlier in the season, both at their home ground, things are looking positive provided they play our cards right.

But with the thrill of varsity and the title of first ever champions up for grabs, complacency could come at a high price as both teams still have everything to play for.

The Tab brings you a guide to the team that promises to bring home Varsity glory tomorrow evening:

Becca Hammett-Burke, Defender

Becca’s recent departure to the Philippines for 2 months has done nothing to alter her unwavering skill on the pitch as part of our back line, except perhaps the acquisition of an enviable tan. Always prepared for an on-pitch sniffle, Becca is renowned for keeping her tissues tucked inside the top of her hockey socks. In her final year of RUMS hockey, and as one of our resident ‘trannies’, Becca spends her time off pitch dating tattooed heavy metal rock fans.

Brogan Rudge, Defence

The solo second year player on this team, Brogan developed a special interest in ‘duet’ performances last year, culminating in a magnificent performance at EOSD which almost matched up to her costume. She is also an avid baker of all things gluttonous. With all these other interests, it’s amazing that she finds time to play any hockey, but she is so reliably always there and exhibiting her awesome skills. Such a credit on and off the pitch!

Carys Lewis, Midfield

Carys’ seamless wardrobe and outstanding knowledge of Disney characters makes her a valuable asset to the team in many ways. Having been past mixed and first team captains, she is excellent at bringing the ball up the left and her fast balls skills are almost as sharp as her polygon prowess.

Chloe Hall, Midfield

A tall fresher who joined our ranks at the beginning of the year, Chloe has quickly proven her reliability and skill on the pitch. Originating from Newcastle her forays into living in the South have so far not put her through too much trauma, despite her overwhelming fear of frogs.

Elin Hughes, Midfield/Defence

Like many students Elin sometimes finds herself strapped for cash, however her strategy to overcome this – busking in London tube stations – is a little more unconventional. Signature pieces include the Welsh National Anthem, and other Welsh carols. Elin has an infamous affinity for chicken shops, and isn’t satisfied on a night out unless she succeeds in befriending said fried meat shop owner and assisting in their customer service.

Fran Warden, Forward

Known as the Duracell bunny and ultimate power-napper around, Fran’s unstoppable enthusiasm and positive spirit is invaluable on the team. In times of dire need RUMS Women’s Hockey girls like to ask themselves the established mantra WWFD – “What would Fran do?”

Iram Hasan, Forward

Another fresher to join our ranks this year, Iram was once dubbed as Bangladesh’s answer to Beyoncé – giving her moves both on and off the pitch a consistent reputation. A self-proclaimed twister champion, Iram is one to watch in left field.

Jen Raw, Midfield/Defence

In her 5th year of hockey for RUMS, the future Dr Cox has a daily on/off relationship with her lunchbox and various other items of ownership. Jen is a versatile and consistent player, with fantastic ball control and an obsession with finding the most efficient means of transport to and from matches.

Lizzie Leith, Midfield

The oldest and most experienced member of the team, veteran Lizzie Leith doesn’t take any shit on the pitch. Her superb stick skills and regular place on the score board makes her a real threat to any GKT defender. Off pitch Lizzie leads a more docile existence, partaking in horticulture and plant collection. At parties she likes to display her Voldy-vein and make shockumentaries. Lizzie’s trademark catchphrase – ‘Fun IS winning’ – won’t go amiss on Monday night.

Lotty Griffiths, Defence

Lotty’s distinctively long legs make her stand out on the pitch as part of our impenetrable wall of defenders. Her vocal presence on the pitch is perfect for competitive matches such as this one; perhaps a skill borne of hours spent in the football stands as a die-hard Wolves supporter.

Maddy Bangham (Captain), Midfield

Known for her wild antics on nights, ability to turn people to stone with her ‘game face’ and repertoire of obscure general knowledge, our resident poet Maddy is identifiable on the pitch for her speed with the ball. As our captain, she has every faith in the team as we face GKT in this unprecedented event – winning is the only option.

Phoebe Verbeeten, Forward

A flame-lidded fresher and distinctive on the pitch for her haphazard running around and endless hair fiddling, Phoebe has joined our ranks and given us a boost up front. When her mind is on the job and she’s not forgetting to get off the bus or got her head stuck in between the bars of the gates at Buckingham Palace, Phoebe’s special skills include a great pair of legs which get her from A to B.

Fun fact: Phoebe has an unusual talent for cramming a large number of grapes into her mouth at once.

Sara Ffrench-Constant, Forward

Sara is our number one striker – a string centre forward with an unstoppable hit. In her spare time she enjoys dressing up as a fairy to entertain large groups on street corners, and is also a keen protester for the right to swim for all. On match days Sara is regularly found stripping in public – she can take her clothes off quicker than you can count the extra consonants in her surname.

Sheena Bhadresha, Forward

Sheena’s newfound love for fireplaces and Coronation Street originate mainly from debut on the Tinder dating scene. On pitch, Sheena is a keen forward and having played for RUMS for 4 years now, her nifty moves up front make her a nightmare to defend.

Sumitha Bose, Defence

Sumitha is known as ‘the rock’ amongst those who have played against her – armed with her might glove there is nothing that can pass her tackle. With an impressive fitness acquired from hours of squash, ‘Judge Judy’ is also famed for fair judgements and her cackling laugh, making her a prized member of the team.

Vicky Evans, Goalkeeper

Originating from the dusty libraries of Cambridge, Vicky has proven an irreplaceable asset to the team since she joined last year, being the best keeper we have had in a number of years. Almost as impressive is Vicky’s habit of hoarding bananas in her bed.

Fun fact: Vicky used to represent the South of England in Chess, renowned on the team for her outstanding ability to get a Czech mate from any situation.

Watch the RUMS Women’s Hockey battle it out on the hockey pitch this Monday March 10th before RUM’s Men’s Hockey and get your tickets before they sell out!