We’re better than Oxford at basketball!

UCL Men’s Basketball 1st team beat Oxford 1sts 66-50, securing their position as the second best uni team in the whole of South England.

On a cold and rainy evening this week, UCL Men’s Basketball 1st team played their last BUCS home game of the season against Oxford 1sts. It was their biggest game ever – they had to win in order to ensure a 2nd place finish in the league and make the play-offs.

Oxford sat at a close third behind UCL in BUCS Premiership South. UC had lost against Oxford in an away game earlier this season by 5 points, so it was set to be an intense show down.

The first basket was scored by Oxford, but the composed UC side quickly regained possession and were dominant in attack in the first quarter.

UCL slotting in a shot.

Sitting on the sideline as a basketball noob, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much physical contact was involved in the game. I was almost too uncomfortably close to the court, feeling the ground shake as the 6 feet tall men thundered up and down the court. Nevertheless, it was obvious that the UC guys are quality players and both sides were in it for the win.

The score was 10-10 with 3 minutes left in the first quarter, with Oxford committing most of the fouls. By the end of the first quarter, UCL pulled up their game to lead 17-14.

The second quarter was just as closely contested, with Oxford threatening to overtake UC in points. However, we managed to maintain our lead with some cool-headed play. Oxford men were clearly getting frustrated, with their #8 constantly talking back to the refs. The score stood at a close 25-23 to UCL at half-time.

UC puts in a 3-pointer with apparent ease.

UCL played further out of Oxford’s reach in the third quarter, setting a comfortable 13-point margin with a 49-36 score sheet by the end of the quarter.

I was surprised when an Oxford player sat down under their hoop and slid from side to side on his buttocks. Everyone else was nonchalant. Apparently he was wiping the sweat off the court.

With only 2 minutes left on the clock in the final quarter, UCL was leading 64-47. Time out was called and the UC coach seemed to be stressing DEFENCE DEFENCE DEFENCE.

Defending against the skilful Oxford 8.

At full time, the score stood at 66-50, a UCL victory. Communications officer Andy Carpenter commented that it was “one of the best defensive performances of the season by UCL”. It was an incredible game to watch, and the team really justified their status as the second best university team in the whole of South England.

UC victory on UC home turf!