Fashion Blogs: Write it, Love it, Wear it!

Kesley Barnes rounds up the best and brightest of the fashion blogosphere

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Thinking of writing your own fashion blog? Or just love looking at different styles and want to get inspiration? Check out these great fashion bloggers for some great tips on how to not be a fashion disaster or just to add those finishing touches to that outfit!

From the downright hipster to the modern classic pieces, here’s how:


Fash ‘n’ Chips


From outfits and following her on her travels! Live, eat, dream this blog as it provides all the latest quirky fashion from different cities worldwide



Coco’s Tea Party



Ella (creator) has a wide range of fashion journalism experience and you can really tell! For those avid celeb followers and copy cat styles..this one’s for you

The Blonde Salad


Exactly what it says on the tin. A mix of all you can need fashion from going out to studying days. Well…you never know what could happen in the library..

Anna Lou Elliott

A personal favourite. Classic and Contemporary.


Fashion Toast

I am constantly checking out this blog for those Christmas party outfit ideas. Want to look in style this chrimbo for some mistletoe love…this ones for you!

Not forgetting the guys of course..



Clothes Make the Man


From High Street to Harrods…this blog is THE essential guide for a modern man. Follow them on Instagram and twitter too for great tips on dressing to impress..



The House of Majd


After looking at lots of different men’s blogs and finding favourites in all of them, I had to include this one as a must to follow. Written by men, for men, the sheer simplicity of this blog leaves you wanting to know what their next favourite fashion pieces are…

A Few Tips To Writing Your Own Blog From the Bloggers 

1)     Loads of Pictures!! – The sites above are full of them, and seriously, who wants to read an essay?

2)     Cheaper is Better – Don’t make the items of clothing too expensive for the reader (See Gwyneth Paltrow’s Blog ‘Goop’) – They want to copy your style with affordable replicas or the exact same pieces.

3)     Link it Up – Link the clothes to sites that they are available

4)     Don’t be afraid to be yourselves

5)     Let readers get to know you and your style