UCL Pretty Good At Most Stuff

New Survey Says We’re A-Okay


It’s not quite as dramatic as  “fourth in the world”, but a new survey by Which? website has found that UCL “scored well across the board for nearly all categories.”

Lookin’ good babes

The survey of 8,053 undergraduate students discovered that our little ol’ college was one of four that scored well, along with University of Birmingham, University of Glasgow and University of Leeds.

Turns out we’re pretty good at being creative, having varied union activities, experiencing a diverse local nightlife, and, who would’ve bloody guessed itbeing political.

Our proclivity to try and change important international events from the pub and discussing Marxism over our Agas meant we scored highly after the website asked: “if there are lots of different political groups and activities, such as meetings and demonstrations and whether politics is a visible part of the university experience.”

The only category we didn’t score highly in was sport, which probably be excused from because, you know, we’re in the middle of a city. And sport is really hard. 

Along with saying how cracking we are at ALL OF THE THINGS, the survey came up with a few other well-known observations, like how Durham has pretty sparse nightlife, the Royal Vet College isn’t exactly a hotbed of creativity, and King’s was nowhere to be found.