Swagrid – UCL Harry Potter Society

Are you Sirius?

UCL has a new society to add to its already magical collection- the Official UCL Harry Potter Society.

Samantha Nicole Hadley, co-founder of the society told The Tab why us muggles here at UCL needed a Harry Potter society:

“We basically thought it was strange that Oxford and Cambridge had their own Harry Potter societies but UCL didn’t, and we wanted that platform to be available to people here. Many of the students that go to university now have grown up with Harry Potter. Whether or not they like the story it has been a huge part of our generation. I guess we wanted to bring that with us to uni. It is such a good way of connecting people from different places. There are six countries represented in the committee alone.”

The society will be running a variety of activities in the coming year, including arranged trips to Warner Brothers studios and Oxford to view the set, potion classes, and potentially a UCL Quidditch team.

The formation of the Harry Potter society seems to have been well received by students at Hogwarts  UCL, with over 30 members signed up already.

Max Wilson, 2nd year Physics student and ardent Harry Potter enthusiast, said, “I’m thrilled to hear that UCL has its own Harry Potter society. I have a wand at home which I have tried (in vain) for many years to get working. Although to be fair the main reason I want to join the society is in the forlorn hope that Emma Watson might one day visit.”

A man can dream.




Click here to join the official Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/434197616635488/?fref=ts