Roxy No More: Sports Night to Move

Sport Socs divided as new night club targets Wednesday night antics

Loop Bar students getting drunk The Roxy UCL Football Society UCL Sports Night

It looks as if the traditional UCL Wednesday night of sports teams gracing the Roxy in a drunken haze of stumbling students and regrettable encounters will soon become a thing of the past.

Loop Bar at Oxford Circus is set to welcome UCL sportsmen and women with open arms, with 14 UCLU clubs officially supporting the change of venue away from Rathbone Place.

Nothing says class like a multi-coloured dancefloor.









The bar describes itself as, “a dedicated party playground – a mecca for those who demand a big night out with all the trimmings. Comprising of four uniquely decorated rooms over three floors.”

But not everyone is pleased with the decision to axe The Roxy as the Sports Night staple. Rumour has it that the Netball teams are refusing to abandon the nightclub, and are not partaking in the new Loop Bar frenzy taking hold of the UCL sporting community.

Sports Night at the Roxy has proved to be problematic for many a reveler, with people queuing around the block for up to two hours to get in as early as 9 o’clock.

Andrej Hagan, a Roxy regular and footballer at UCL, told The Tab:

“They were fending off competition from the likes of big boys Proud pretty well- renovating from a sleazy Soho basement dripping with sweat and long island spillage- and giving regulars Roxy cards. But we’ll just have to wait and see if the Loop measures up to nights on Rathbone Place!”