Take Her Out!

SOAS Student Perking Up Saturday TV

National TV isn’t where you’d expect to find a SOAS girl but this year “Take me Out” has been taken by storm by bubbly SOAS student Lois.

The quirky student has become known for her off the wall quotes as the show has progressed, with her initial comments telling a contestant, “you have a lovely symmetrical face” met with laughter and a not inconsiderable level of bafflement.

A self described lover of dragons, Lois is a 3rd year BA student of Japanese at SOAS and works as a trainee skipper for a passenger boat company on the Thames. Oh, and her phobia is raisins. Scary stuff.

Lois has quickly become a fan favourite on the show, with her off the wall humour at times upstaging Paddy McGuinness in quotability and annoyance levels.

Some of her quotes include:

“You’ve got a great side profile, you would make a lovely stamp”

“I like your helmet”

“What’s wrong with having tea in a jacuzzi, that’s a brilliant idea!”

However poor Lois has yet to get a date on the show after 4 weeks. Let’s hope that when she does, her date is prepared to be bombarded with Japanese and facts about dragons. Sounds like a good day out to me.