SOAS student resorts to living at IFOR

IFor Evans Hall SOAS Student accommodation ucl

A SOAS student has been living for absolutely nothing in UCL’s Ifor Evans hall, The Tab can reveal.

The student resorted to crashing with a friend after she was unable to find a place of her own for the coming year, and so the cold, Soviet appearance of Ifor Evans was offered as refuge to the student.

The student, who wished to remain anonymous, said:

“I stayed with my mate in Ifor Evans for a bit. It was really fun but I am glad to have my own place now. It got annoying hitting every pub until she got home to let me in.”

The student has now moved out of her temporary haven after 3 weeks of rent free living, having finally found somewhere of her own to live.

Student accommodation in London is by far the most expensive in the country, with students attending central London universities forking out on average around £107 a week.

For some students in expensive areas such as Marylebone rent pushes £200 a week for a room, so clearly finding affordable housing is a difficult task for some students.

The nationwide average weekly rent is around £68.70, according to www.accommodationforstudents.com, with some towns such as Pontypridd in Wales having an average weekly rent of around £48, a far cry from the trials and tribulations faced by London students in the housing market.

While UCL students struggle to pay the bills it is fair to say this case doesn’t do much to help the reputation held by SOAS students as the ‘hippy’ go lucky members of the London student community.