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Here are all of the most underrated clubs and bars in Liverpool

La’go hard or La’go home

If we're asked which is the best place for a night-out, we usually opt for one of the typical venues, like Heebies, Baa Bar and 24 Kitchen Street. However, what about the places we wouldn't typically opt for, even though we're guaranteed a top night there? Well here they are.


Hidden behind popular choices like McCooleys, Woodys is the only place you should consider when you're suitably smashed already. You managed to sing your heart out at pres, so why not take it a step further and grace this bar with your 'wonderful' singing voice on the karaoke? You'll certainly do Angels by Robbie Williams justice. Don't forget their array of drinks deals too, especially if you've not quite got the confidence to show Liverpool what you're made of yet.


Everyone has had a quadvod here, it's a given. However, have you ever thought about how little time you spend in such a solid venue? So don't down that drink too quickly, because it offers Raz tunes and griminess, but every day of the week. And you won't be tempted to buy an unnecessary cap there – hurrah.

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What a banger

The Jacaranda

Just opposite Faculty lies The Jac, which on the outside looks like the place you'd only go to when your parents visit, but what lies inside is unmissable, whether you're chilling upstairs with a pint enjoying the live music, or venturing downstairs for a boogie to rival Liquidation.

Black Rabbit

It's mildly shocking that this venue rarely has a queue to compete with its neighbour, Baa Bar; better music, better shots and better all-round experience. Even if it has a name sounding like a strip club, you won't be stripped of joy with a night-out here.

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Defo an upgrade on Soho


It's understandable why we're wary of this venue, given that they're blasting cheesy pop even at 4pm; however, if you do venture inside, you'll be graced with guilty pleasures you can't help but belt out. And on Tuesdays, you can get massive drinks on a 2for1 deal. Don't say you're not treated well.


You might not wanna fork out for a Saturday in Level, but Love Wednesdays is an unfairly underrated event. The drinks rival Quids In prices and there's three floors of music, all with enough space to actually breathe. Plus, it's closer to Fusion and McDonalds – you decide which is more appealing.

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After all the £2.50 doubles you'll inevitably purchase

Brooklyn Mixer

Overshadowed by Raz Mondays, Block Party shouldn't just be an option if you've deemed that queue too long. Put Brooklyn Mixer on the top of your list one week, and you won't regret dancing to those RnB grooves and (yet again), cheap bevs.

Arts Club

The jack of all trades, Arts Club offers us so many options. It has Lost if you're into house music (and don't wanna trek to Constellations or Invisible Wind Factory), as well as Shit Indie Disco; a party full of glitter, inflatables and quite frankly, better tunes than top floor Quids In for only £3 entry – which is what you're paying for Heebies entry as nobody ever gets it for a pound, right? Also, don't forget raving at Medication, reminding us why we should never write-off Fridays on the town when there's a party like this.

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The greatest party on Planet Earth


Located moments away from Seel Street, this bar is worth more than just a few minutes of your time. Another place with great tunes and prices that won't send you into overdraft, get a few drinks down you and you won't even see the night pass you by with the fun you're having – until you stumble out onto Colquitt Street, wondering which direction Nabzy's is in.


We all know the big three of the Baltic Triangle: 24 Kitchen Street, Constellations and Camp & Furnace. However the fourth wonder of the area is Hangar34, which has hosted Applebum and Triple Cooked to name a couple. Also, they'll be one of the venues for Baltic Weekender, highlighting them as a staple for events night and day.

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Remembering you don't have a night of sticky shoes here

Any of Liverpool's gay clubs

Just because it's nowhere near Concert Square doesn't mean you should give the likes of GBar, Heaven and the new OMG Liverpool a miss. Lose your inhibitions and discover these Stanley Street bars – we can assure you it'll be a night to remember (or maybe forget).

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