Liverpool Uni have been accused of sacking a member of staff because she’s an active trade unionist

Dawn has been described as a “tireless campaigner” who gave “unlimited time and energy” to UCU causes

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The University and College Union say Dawn Holdman, the School Administrator in the School of Medicine, lost her job of 11 years because of her Trade Union activity.

In a restructuring of 100 staff members, the Union claims that Dawn was the only staff to be made compulsorily redundant, and her former role was then advertised externally by the University. Dawn is described as a “tireless campaigner” who gave “unlimited time and energy” to other UCU members.

In a statement seen by The Tab Liverpool, the UCU Liverpool committee claims that while other displaced staff members were matched to similar roles without interview, Dawn had to face multiple two hour interviews for employment , before being told she was unsuccessful.

The statement also claims that Dawn had to attend the interviews after a number of personal difficulties which the employer was aware of.

The UCU accused the University of Liverpool of dismissing Dawn from her job “because of her Trade Union activity” and called on the University to “reinstate Dawn”.

A University spokesperson said: “The University does not comment on personnel matters.”