A giant lizard is on the run in Wavertree

He’s three feet long and called Loki

giant liverpool lizard smith down smithdown students waver tree

The giant lizard escaped from a family home in Wavertree on Sunday and has been missing ever since.

Loki is a Argentine giant tegu and although he’s only ten months old, he’s already well on his way to reaching his potential fully grown length of four and a half feet .

A Facebook post by Zoe Brown has asked people to keep an eye out for the escapee who started his rampage by escaping from Valencia Road on Sunday. It’s not likely he’s gone that far as the cold weather would have slowed him down.

An advert was then posted on the Liverpool LostBox website, asking people for help.

If you find Loki, you should chuck a towel over him covering his head and then attempt to pick him up and take him inside – he can bite but is unlikely to when he is cold. You should then contact the RSPCA.