Campus style: Shoe watch

Style starts from the feet upwards

campus shoe watch shoes style

You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t thought about your choice of footwear for day to day wear.

The saying “shoes make the walk a little more fun” could not be closer to the truth. Let’s face it, they’re an essential part of your outfit.

Here is some of the snazziest footwear we spotted on campus this week:

Robyn Doedel, Psychology, fresher


“My shoes are from Primark – a bargain, but I usually wear them with colorful frilly socks ”


Elizabeth Buttery, Orthoptics, third year


“My shoes are from Office! I love anything that’s subtle in its colour – tan goes with everything really!”


Amy Kerr, Business Studies with Sociology, second year


“I chose to wear these shoes because black goes with everything and gives a much smarter look”


Bethan Price, Psychology, second year 


“These suede boots worked well with my outfit and they’re super comfortable. They’re pretty great for wet and cold weather – especially  on rainy days like this.”


Angie, Law, fresher 


“These black leather boots go with anything. They work well with my black stockings, and they make it easy to strut in and out of lectures. That’s what I love about them and they always make me feel a lot more confident.”


Diane Duan, Comms, second year 


“I feel like these shoes are a teenage girl’s dream – they’re pink and have a face detail attached to them so I feel super cute. They really work well with my pink coat.”


Xin Liu, Architechture, second year  


“I wear these shoes because I love all things Geometry. The patterns are gemeotrical – I’d say the circles, rectangles and the lines are a tribute to Geometry.”