There is a bouncy castle on Guild Walk playing house music

You can rave in it between lectures

Guild Deputy President Alex Ferguson has set up a bouncy castle to raise awareness of his Don’t Let Yet campaign.

The “Disco Dome” has flashing lights and is playing classic house music to entice people concerned about letting homes for next year and those who have had bad experiences with landlords.

Disco disco

Bouncy castle selfie game strong

Alex Ferguson spoke to The Tab about his endeavour, he said: “We decided to put a giant bouncy castle on Guild Walk to raise awareness of our Don’t Let Yet campaign.

“There is a surplus of accommodation in the city and if you wait until at least after Christmas you usually get a better deal.

“Landlords who start early usually give the worst deal.

“We are asking for students to tell us their experiences and issues they have faced while letting, we are going to see if any themes come up and use them to go forward with our campaign.”

Freshers Yasmin and Tabitha were shocked to hear that they should wait until after Christmas to secure their second year home, but it didn’t stop them enjoying the bouncy castle.

Georgia, who works at the Guild was overwhelmed by the huge inflatable toy, she told The Tab: “I’m very out of breath, it felt like a throwback to childhood.”

Fergie loves it

The castle will be back on Thursday between 11 and 3 and you can find more information about the campaign here.