BNOC of the Year: The final showdown

No fun and games now

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Nearly 2,500 of you voted over the last week, and now our group of 12 vying to be crowned the BNOC of the Year 2015 has been cut down to just two. 

We can reveal the first of our finalists is Accountancy and Finance third year Dale Moore. Dale, described as the “biggest lad in Merseyside” and renowned for not giving a single shit about his bushy eyebrows, came out on top in group A with 36 per cent of the vote.

If Dale is to be crowned the biggest name on campus, he is going to have to overcome the challenge posed by group B winner Mary-Kate O’Brien. History and Politics third year Mary-Kate, more commonly known as MK, was engaged in fierce battle with SJ-poster boy Will Lewis, but was able to come out on top with 39 per cent of the vote.

mk 3

With a place in the history books within their reach, we spoke to Dale and MK about their BNOC journey, and what it would mean to be crowned the biggest name on campus.

On making the final two, Mary-Kate said: “I am very flattered but don’t really understand what all the fuss is about. It would be nice to win but I’m not really that bothered. Will Lewis is a bigger BNOC than me and he should have won.”


We spoke to Dale over the weekend, too, however the coy third year had nothing to say other than: “It would be good to win. It’s about time something good happened to me.”

Luckily, though, Dale did provide us with this short clip.