Activists hold sit-in to occupy old Bank of England

They are set to appear in court next week

Liverpool students have joined activists groups in a sit in which has lasted for days.

The “Love Activists” group, homeless people and Liverpool students are currently inside the old Bank of England on Castle street in Liverpool city center, in a sit-in protest regarding austerity, homelessness, capitalism and the UK government.

The protesters have already been summoned to court by the police and will appear on Tuesday.

An online petition has been launched in support of the right of the protesters to occupy the building. If the occupants are evicted, the homeless people involved may be forced to return to the streets with nowhere else to go.

We were allowed exclusive access into the building where some students were taking part, but most wanted to remain anonymous.

Speaking to The Tab Liverpool, one student said: “I found out about this on Facebook. Everything is done on social media. Even if they shut down our Facebook, we won’t give up.

“How can you stop an idea, anyway?”

One man, David, who is currently homeless in the city of Liverpool was more than happy to speak to us about why he was protesting:

David said: “I was a war veteran for 20 years and suffered serious injuries which made my life unbearable. How easy is it to get a job when you’ve been torn up by war?”

David showed us his scars – including a serious, deep incision all the way down his leg, which has left him permanently disabled.

The group posted on Facebook Friday evening: “We need legal observers to stay overnight at the Bank of England, 31 castle street, Liverpool.”

The Facebook group has received support from residents, students and activists alike, commending their efforts.

The activists have continued their efforts and currently their fate, and how long they can stay in the bank, remains unknown.