Eleanor Hancock

Sikh Society cook food for the Homeless

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Students march to commemorate refugees

They want to remind everyone that the refugee crisis is far from over

Prospective Liverpool student walks free from court after three day trial

She is coming to study History and Politics this September

Library staff issue fatal warning to Architecture students

Uh oh

We should be refunded cancelled seminars and lectures

Make it happen

I think the Library coffee machines should be boycotted

Rage against the machine

Help the Homeless Society raise £664.82 for the WhiteChapel Center

The whole campaign raised £25,000

Women’s waterpolo team triumph over Loughborough

They swam for victory in the final

Help the Homeless Society are sleeping on the streets tonight for the Whitechapel

They raised over £350

Shipping Forecast is new home to legendary Pause

Big up

Rip-off bus companies are bleeding us dry and nobody’s doing anything about it

Its either get the bus into uni or have enough money for food

End of an era: Envi is gone for good

Another club bites the dust

It’s A-Level results day, so where are all the clever boys?

Thousands of male teens missing in photo opportunity shocker

Working an Ibiza season will teach you more than a boring office internship

You’ll learn to think on your feet more than if you were stuck photocopying all day

Don’t be fooled, the cheapest uni halls are always the best option

No aspect of going to uni should be described as ‘luxury’

We’re not horsing around: Ket drought ends just in time for summer

Ketting on it

The hidden cost of our courses: If you’re richer, you’ll get a better mark

Books, resources, printing, it all adds up

Protesters refuse to end Castle Street occupation despite court order

The drama continues

Activists hold sit-in to occupy old Bank of England

They are set to appear in court next week

University animal testing sparks angry protest

Activists called some of the experiments ‘severe’

I am scared to live on Smithdown Road

When will it all end?

We took nightmare drug MXE thinking it was ketamine

They couldn’t even talk

Library graffiti: The art form sweeping across campus

And it is art