Loyal fans mourn announcement The Kazimier is closing down


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A colossal £40 million is being injected into Wolstenholme Square, forcing The Kaz to shut down.

From January 1 2016, the historic venue – famously the home of Abandon Silence and Eat Your Greens – will be no more.

The renovention project will see the venue replaced by flats as well as shops, restaurants and cafés.

Unlike Nation, which is currently in talks to include a new venue within the plans, The Kazimier declined an invitation to move into the new site when it is complete.

But it was revealed by Liam Naughton, of The Kazimier, talks are “in progress” with Elliot Group about a team of interested parties from The Kazimier staff and collaborators taking on the opportunity of a new site within the development.

The Kazimier Gardens will be unaffected by the proposals.

Despite this, the closure of the venue marks a significant alteration to the musical map of Liverpool, leaving many heartbroken – especially after the recent and unrelated closure of three clubs in the city.

Third year Shannon Sarussi said: “I’m really gutted the Kaz is closing down.

“It’s a venue that stands out from the rest. I’ve had so many good times there.”

Third year Mechanical Engineer Tom Johnston added: “I had great times at Eat Your Greens, I’m so disappointed it’s closing down.”

The Kazimier has promised to make the most of its final few months, which, according to the venue, “gives us nine months of events to celebrate the life of the venue and provide it with a fitting end”.