Vote now: Liverpool’s best takeaway

It’s a tough decision

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Getting a takeaway at the end of the night is arguably the most important decision you will have had to make that evening.

Get it right and you could stave off a steaming hangover. Get it wrong and you could be spewing it all up in the taxi home.

Vote now for your favourite takeaway. It’s a biggie.


The go to place

There isn’t a Liverpool student alive that hasn’t tasted the gratifying greasiness that is a Chesters takeaway. The popcorn chicken is something special – forget KFC, Chesters is the king of chicken.

The red salt will either push you out the door or leave you begging for more. If you fancy a pizza though, it can be a disappointment, but the cheesy garlic bread is heaven sent.

It’s good value for money and great drunken chat when you stumble out of your taxi into Chesters.

The ultimate kryptonite for all Liverpool students

Hot ‘n’ Tender

Hot food and tender chicken

Similar to Chesters, but it offers Kebabs – everyone’s favourite indiscernible meaty creation. Chicken or doner, it’s up to you, live on the wild side.

It’s slightly more expensive than Chesters but does the tastiest cheesy chips and cheesy chip wraps in the whole of the ‘Pool. Yes, cheesy chip wraps are a thing. It’s also got the added bonus of being on Hardman Street, for those magic Magnet moments.

Greenbank Fish Bar

If you fancy some proper oily batter, this is your place. Proper fish and chips, it delivers on flavour and fried goodness. It’s cheap and even has Chinese if it takes your fancy.

Good old fashioned grease


This place is perfection for a cheap curry and kebab. The value for money is immense for a student, the portion size is generous and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than most other curry houses.

The naan breads are bigger than your face and perfectly accompany your Indian night of delight.  Khan’s also does pizza, garlic bread and chicken, but it’s the curry you stay for.

A Khan’s Kebab

 Mr Chips

Situated on Bold Street, it is the go to place after Concert Square. The owners are hilarious, and known to give freebies to lucky boys and girls.

A little on the expensive side but it is instant gratification after you leave a club. The wraps are sexy and there is a huge range of sauces. What more could you want?

Bold Street’s best

The Tab eats Mr Chips


Lau’s is a cosy little take-away on Smithdown Road, perfect for a late night Chinese or a Friday night film fest.

The free prawn crackers are fresh, not like its competitor on the same street, Manna, who give you disappointing prawn crackers.

The portions all come with a choice of noodles, rice or chips. So cheap and cheerful, it will brighten any hard day at uni.

Standard demolition of prawn crackers from Lau’s