The End of Carni

Carnatic and Greenbank halls look certain to go as the university calls for bids to develop 1,200 new beds for students.

accomodation carnatic greenbank halls luxury residence

Carnatic and Greenbank halls are set to be demolished and replaced with plush buildings complete with en-suite rooms.

Despite its grime, damp and general filth, the legendary halls have welcomed thousands of students since it was built in 1964.

Livin’ it large in Carni Halls

Now the university plans to replace them with luxury options. Building is expected to finish between 2014 and 2017.

It appears the university wants to improve the standard of halls as all new rooms are set to be en-suite.  Considering some floors in Carnatic shared four bathrooms between 20, the decision is likely to be welcomed.

Carnatic Halls set for demolition

However, the luxury accommodation is expected to be more expensive than current options, given the great location and lavish facilities.

Liverpool currently provides some of the cheapest student accommodation in the country but has still suffered with the rise in tuition fees. Rankin halls closed this year due to lack of applicants.