UoL to honour its 21st anniversary with a swan sculpture in the Minerva Building

Who could ask for a better birthday present

This year will see the University of Lincoln turn 21 years old, and there is no better way to celebrate its birthday than honouring what makes Lincoln so special. The swans.

In a leaked first draft sketch, the Lincoln Tab can reveal the university will be unveiling a flying swan sculpture in the Minerva Building’s atrium.

The swan population in Lincoln is something many students and locals adore and the university plan to open up this sculpture for everyone in hopes of “uniting all residents in the city”.

Original rough sketch of the sculpture

The sketch artist who revealed the drawings to us said: “We cannot wait to unveil this sculpture we have been working on for quite some time and hope to celebrate the anniversary of this wonderful university.

“Uniting all residents in the city is something needed in Lincoln and we can only hope this will bridge the relationship between all those living here. We hope that locals and students alike can join together in celebration of what makes our city so special.”

There is currently a debate on what to name the sculpture of the bird. Suggested names are ‘The Brayford Warrior’, ‘The Cygnet of Lincoln’, and ‘Guardian of the Brayford’. They are hurriedly working on a name for the plaque to put on the sculpture before presenting it to everyone in Lincoln.

A resident who lives in Lincoln’s West End area told The Lincoln Tab he thinks the sculpture is a wonderful idea. “This is a great ode to the swans and will no doubt make an amazing addition to Lincoln’s campus.”

Note: Maybe check the date? Happy April Fools!

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