Lincoln students who need to return to uni for personal reasons can come back to campus

This includes if you require support for your mental health

The University of Lincoln has confirmed that students at the university who need to return to campus due to personal circumstances are allowed to do so.

Following the government announcement of placing the country into a nation lockdown, they advised students to remain where they were and to not move back and forward from their permanent home and uni home.

Who is allowed to return to campus?

University of Lincoln students who study Medicine, subjects allied to medicine or health, education, social work, and courses that require Professional, Statutory, and Regulatory Body assessments are to return to face-to-face teaching, which had been previously stated by the government and university.

Students should book an asymptomatic Covid-19 test on their arrival to Lincoln. You can book your test here: Students who are not studying on one of the courses listed above have been asked to remain at their current location, where that be their home or student home.

The Government has said: “Students who do not study these courses should remain where they are wherever possible, and start their term online, as facilitated by their university until at least Mid-February”

Are any students exempt?

However, the University of Lincoln has said: “if you are unable to access online learning from your current location, for example, because you do not have suitable study space, or access to essential equipment, or where you are currently living is not a safe place for you, or you require specific support such as support for your mental health; then you can move back to Lincoln to access these facilities.

“You must not move back and forward between your term time and home address after your arrival at University.”

Can I use the library?

On-campus facilities at the University of Lincoln remain open. The library, Student Support Centre and Student Wellbeing Centre and Health centre remain open, and support is continued to be available for students.

The university said: “Any student returning to the University must be tested for coronavirus before attending face-to-face teaching sessions or accessing university facilities (excluding the Student Health Centre and emergency Wellbeing appointments)”

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