Campus style: Girls take on winter

Inspiration to last you through the cold

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When it comes to a winter, it can be so easy to just throw yourself into the cosiest thing you can find and forget about fashion.

We’ve fully hit into winter time now, so much so that all the girls in our photos had to brave the horrendous Lincoln gales and downpours so we could snap them.

Daisy Stimpson, Graphic Design

“My favourite part of the outfit is probably my top which is actually my brothers, I like how chilled it is!”

While many might opt for a wrapped up look, complete with scarves and ugg boots – we love that Daisy has taken on a completely different look for winter.

It’s pretty hard to pull off the look that she’s gone for, throwing on her brother’s top with a casual jacket but when it comes to winter, all we want to feel is comfortable. It might not be “haute couture” but matched together with the bright green converse shoes, we think she’s nailed a quirky chilled look for the cold weather.

Shoes – Nike

Jeans – Boden

Bag – Primark

Jacket – Tesco’s

Nom Chowdhury, Film & Television Studies

“I love wearing this jumper in particular, I like how warm and comfy it is… and it keeps my bum covered! The jumper keeps me warm, the boots keep me warm so it’s ideal when it’s raining.”

In particular, we’re a big fan of Nom’s jumper. Especially in the cold windy weathers that brush through Lincoln, not only does she looks nice and snug, the pattern of her jumper saves her from playing it too safe.

Jumper – H&M

Katie Inns, Criminology

“My favourite piece of the outfit is probably my jumper, I wear it a lot because I just like the colour of it, I like to wear things that are quite colourful.”

It’s very easy to turn towards safe greys and blacks to suit the mood of the weather and Katie has showed exactly how it can be done whilst keeping an outfit from looking a bit too drab.

The splash of colour that comes from Katie’s favourite piece, her jumper, compliments the rest of her outfit and looks just as warm as her coat. We also love her shoes which are perfect for the winter weather and the turn up in her jeans emphasises this statement item even more.

Jeans – Dorothy Perkins

Shoes – River Island

Jumper – River Island

Katherine Stoner, Media Production

“I don’t really put much effort in!”

Katherine was reluctant to be pictured for our article but we like that she’s not too dressed up, after all, not everybody feels the need to get dressed to the nines for a boring lecture.

But one piece that we did take particularly interest in his her bag, the cloudy sky print of her rucksack would work on either gender and brings a little of colour and summer to a dull day.

Bag – Purchased in Australia

Tia Hayes, Biology

“My ripped jeans are different for winter but I just like how they look, they perk up a plain top. I’ve had my jacket for three years, it’s my favourite part of what I’m wearing.”

Although Tia has stuck to a more structured black and grey look for the winter season, her ripped jeans help to give her a bit of an edge. While they’re perhaps not the warmest for the chill, we say “so what?” because as she says herself, it does perk up the outfit.

We’re also a fan of her scarf, which keeps along a darker colour scheme but keeps her looking warm and wonderful ready for the day ahead.

Jacket – Peacocks

Michelle Carroll, Journalism

“The jumper is vintage, it’s my granddads actually! I chose this outfit because I was feeling lazy and I quite like stealing my family’s clothes because it’s vintage and I like going for that look, it works in winter.”

Michelle’s look, much like Daisy’s, really stands out from the sea of your typical high street purchases with a look that, as she states herself, is very notably vintage. The jumper might be her granddad’s but she certainly does a great job of putting her own spin on a look that is old fashioned but incredibly stylish.

We also love the fact that she’s gone for Doc Martens, stamping a bit of authority into an otherwise very laidback look.

Coat – BHS

Shoes – Doc Martens

Meg Hunt, International Tourism Management

“I think my outfit is a bit shit today! But it was a quick throw on because it’s freezing outside and I just like to keep warm when I come to lectures and meetings.”

Meg went for a lot more of a simple look than most, sticking to a largely dark blue and black colour scheme aside from a simple striped top underneath to add just a dash of something a little bit brighter. But rather than drown herself out in a big coat, Meg suits her petite figure well in this outfit.

Much like with Tia, we’re also loving the plaid scarf and although they not be the most practical for the puddles, Meg looks so comfortable in her Toms. And let’s face it, if we could get away with it, we’d all love to rock up to lessons in our slippers and dressing gowns when it’s so frosty outside – so the Toms certainly add an edge of the comfort you want when the winter weather hits.

Coat – ASDA

Scarf – New Look

Tara Wilson, Graphic Design

“I knew it was going to be really windy today so that inspired this outfit. My favourite piece would probably be my gilet because it’s so thick and the shoes are just easy to slip on.”

There’s something about wearing a gilet that makes you look immediately stylish and expensive, which is exactly what Tara gives off. They’re a perfect accessory for keeping you warm and making sure you still great and a Jack Wills gilet in particular always looks on point and the chequered collar particularly stands out.

The gilet also compliments the choice of long sleeve red tee underneath well and she teams this up with matching colour of shoes. Whether or not she spent a while on this outfit is unknown but she definitely looks fashion ready for bracing the wind, even down to the choice of tied back hair.

Gilet – Jack Wills

Morena Turnbull, Events Management

“I ALWAYS wear my corset, 24/7! I’m even wearing a skin tight one, a steel boned one or more loose ones. For winter though, I wear big jackets but I just like to stand out from everyone. I tend to shop online, most of my pieces are bought there because I don’t think there’s enough alternative places in the high street.”

We’ve chosen Morena as our look of the week because you can’t deny that she absolutely stands out and owns every piece of what she’s wearing. It’s not every day you see a girl around campus in her corset but we absolutely love it and jumped at the opportunity to get her into this article!

The corset may be a staple of her outfit but it’s not the only thing that impressed us. We absolutely love the heavy jacket she’s wearing, it’s quite a meterosexual look but that’s certainly no bad thing and gives her a more punky edge that definitely suits her overall style.

And lastly the bag, which you can see beneath, once again ties in with the strong look she’s boasting. The spiked bag tells you this girl is not to be messed with and she certainly jumps out from the crowd and wins in the fashion stakes.

Corset – Corset Training Website


All photos in this article were taken by Nikolaus Millward.