What do boys really like girls to wear?

Turns out they know a thing or two about fashion

What actually happens when you let boys decide what you should wear on a night out?

We recruited three different couples and let the guys free in the ladies wardrobe (scary, we know).

Surprisingly, the results weren’t too horrifying.

But they weren’t great.

Laura, 1st year Journalism 

When asking Drama student Joshua Pearson to select an outfit for Laura, he opted for a black skater skirt, a tight black cropped top and pink patent heels.

Josh said: “I like simple, sexy clothing and I love the colour black on girls.

“I choose heels because it makes her legs look really good.

“I think it’s nice when girls show a bit of skin but not too much. They want to look classy too.”

Laura says: “Although I wouldn’t normally wear all black, I do think with the shoes it’s actually alright. I think I’d probably wear this for a night out in Lincoln if i added a few more accessories.”

Alice, 1st year Business

Harry Woodward, also studying Business, selected a patterned grey skirt, teamed with tights and a cream cami top for Alice.

Harry says: “I definitely think it’s the outfit she looks the most attractive in.

“I like the pattern on the skirt because it’s not too much. I don’t like over the top patterns on girls.”

Alice says: “I do really like this outfit and would wear it when I have lectures because it’s quite girly and smart.”

Emily, 1st year Film and TV student

Journalism student Rob chose an all black outfit for Emily- high waisted jeans, a baggy top and a basket ball jacket to match.

He said: “I didn’t realise I picked all black. That’s a bit depressing isn’t it?

“Oh well, you can never go wrong with black. It’s hot.”

Emily says: “I don’t mind the outfit but it’s not something I’d normally pick. I do really like this jacket, I’d forgotten I had it!”