Devastated student sobs in campus launderette after accidentally washing his iPhone 6

At least it didn’t bend in his pocket


A heartbroken fresher sobbed uncontrollably this week after accidentally locking his new phone in a washing machine at the halls launderette in Lincoln.

Will Hughes, first year game design student saw everything: “I asked someone what was going on, and they said he had accidentally put his iPhone 6 in the machine.”

“He only spoke in Chinese so I couldn’t understand what he was saying or what his name was, but he was gutted.”

A reconstruction

In desperation, the international student, who was crying and screaming at the machine, called up the launderette company in hope it wasn’t too late to rescue his £600 phone.

Unfortunately, if they stopped his machine they would have had to stop everyone else’s, something no skint student was willing to allow.

The scene of the crime

A staff member said: “Although we desperately wanted to help him, other students had already paid for their clothes to be washed and dried.

“There was nothing we could do.”

The poor boy continued to stare at the washing machine for a long half an hour, crying for the full duration before fishing out his ruined phone.

And do you know what, we really don’t blame him.